Manager, Digital Media and Marketing

Entreprise: Adcetera
Type d'emploi: Temps plein

Adcetera is seeking a Manager of Digital Media and Marketing responsible for the implementation, management, and supervision of the digital marketing team. Reporting to the Director of Digital Marketing, this individual will effectively manage the flow of client deliverables related to paid search, SEO, programmatic display and monthly reporting.
Paid Search:
* Create, implement, track, analyze and optimize paid search campaigns using Google Ads platform. Continually test all facets of the campaign to achieve key performance indicators.
* Leverage Google Ads platform and Google Analytics to uncover actionable insights.
* Communicate effectively, set, and manage internal and external expectations.
* Provide guidance to clients on the implement and use of approved SEO strategies.
* Deliver strategic recommendations for improving SEO of small and large websites in various stages of development by testing and analyzing key factors.
Programmatic Display:
* Developing and supporting programmatic display strategies that deliver against performance benchmarks.
* Research and meet with various display programmatic partners and direct publishers, learning their evolving capabilities and related industry trends. Maintain and grow relationships with data trading desk partners.
* Recommend, prepare, monitor, and evaluate key performance indicators by creating Google Data Studio dashboards for client reporting. Deliver insights instead of just delivering reports.
* Understand the correlation between data and business objectives, delineating the most important key performance indicators.
* Understand path to purchase and the levers necessary to optimize such.
* 4-6 years of digital marketing experience, including at least 1-3 years of experience in either planning or executing paid search campaigns (Google Ads, Bing, and other search engines) or previous digital media buying experience using a DSP.
* A strong familiarity using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.
* Previous team management experience preferred.
* fun-loving and casual team environment
* competitive salary
* excellent benefits, including
* a discretionary bonus plan
* full employee health coverage
* a generous paid time off policy
* internal promotion strategy