Branch Director

Entreprise: Big Funny Corporation
Type d'emploi: Temps plein
Salaire notes: The salary is high and negotiable according to skills and experience.

International Entertainment Corporation Big-Funny, one of the leaders in the field of entertainment services for many years, plans to open a new Museum of Illusions in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


This museum will be the 105th in the portfolio of projects implemented by the company. We are assembling a team of professionals for the opening and regular operational activities of the park.


First of all, we are looking for a competent Branch Director.


What will be required from the candidate at the stage of establishing the company:


1. Setting up the company in all legal terms, regulations and requirements.

2. Appointing a head accountant and a lawyer - to support the project.

3. Negotiating with the property owner and the terms of the renting / leasing contract (the property has already been chosen).

4. Organizing and controlling the processes of opening the museum: Researching / choosing the right artists / painters according to the museum requirements and total supervision of all works.

5. Finding and training personnel.

6. Runing an advertising campaign.

7. Planning and management of the budget during the setting up of the museum and its operation;

8. Monitoring of all steps of the project and providing detailed reports.


Ongoing operational tasks:


1. Operational management and control of the Museum, ensuring prompt solutions of any issues and problems related to its operation.

2. Work with internal documents of the organization, payments register maintenance, execution of orders, regulations, instructions and other types of internal documentation. Preparation of all required reports.

3. Close communication with contractors and suppliers. Searching for new suppliers when necessary.

4. Budget planning (income and expenses budget), responsibility for the implementation of all profits and costs, control of the achievement of the profit targets set for the Museum.

5. Active participation in the development and implementation of advertising campaigns. Continuous search for new channels of attracting visitors and generating sales of all the Museum services.

6. Formation of an effective team of the Museum. Ensuring effective teamwork. Improving the efficiency of employees, monitoring compliance with high standards of service to the visitors of the Museum.

7. Checking the quality and condition of all props, appliances and decors, controlling the timely ordering of consumables and all required supplies.

8. Ensuring the fine presentation and aesthetics of the Museum.

9. Keeping productive relations and cooperation with the municipality and other regulatory authorities.

10. Ensuring the existence of all necessary permits for the legal operation of the Museum.



1. Higher education (University level)

2. Excellent knowledge of the Portuguese and Russian language (fluent in written and speaking) is mandatory and additional knowledge of English is preferable.

3. Experience of starting projects from scratch and experience in business management in the field of entertainment services.

4. Ability to work in constantly changing conditions, stress resistance and energetic, faith in success, desire to develop, initiative and results driven.

5. Knowledge of the basics of contextual advertising, targeted advertising.

6. Negotiation skills. Successful both in verbal and written communication.

7. Flexibility for irregular work schedule.


The salary is high and negotiable according to skills and experience.


Big-Funny is the most alternative network of museums, attractions and exhibitions in the world with 104 successful projects internationally.

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