Visual Merchandiser (Keyed)

Company: H&M
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
Overall Job Summary: Working at the heart of a fast-paced fashion business, a Visual Keyholder is responsible for creating an environment that inspires customers to explore their personal style. The role will support and guide the store team to deliver the most inspiring and exciting Customer Experience in line with the H&M. You will actively drive sales in the store and are responsible to implement the Visual Identity. The Visual Keyholder will always meet the expectations of customers and colleagues, as well as follow H&M procedures and standards.
This position reports to our Store Visual Manager (Based on volume) or Store Manager.
Your Day to Day*
Sales and profit
The Visual Keyholder will set the garment presentation on the Sales Floor & Windows according to the Commercial Handbook. Together with the Department Manager, the Visual Keyholder will determine additional commercial opportunities in the store within the H&M brand guidelines. The role will execute floor moves based on those joint discussions.
Fashion Knowledge
Ensure you are up to date with current fashion trends
Share, inspire, and educate the store team on seasonal trend information, upcoming campaigns, and brand standards
Direct Customer Service
Ensure you meet customer expectations on direct service according to H&M standards.
Support the store to achieve an excellent customer experience.
Indirect Customer Service
Follow up on the H&M Visual Identity through the implementation of the Commercial Handbook and secure well-styled mannequins in windows and in-store.
Create a clear red thread from windows to A-area with wearable buying suggestions.
Ensure high-quality garment presentation every day together with the store team
Maintain clear customer flow through fixture placement and navigation in line with H&M standards
Launch and maintain all sales campaigns and activities on time and according to H&M standards.
Commercial Routines
Together with the Department Manager, follow up on store KPIs and initiate actions to reach store goals and budgets
Adapt the store planning according to store needs and budget from the Commercial plan
Complete and take action on the Best Brand portion of the Customer Audit Tool to maximize commercial opportunities
Visual Store Operational Routines
Complete the sample picking as well as execute the floor moves in a way that creates clear stories and wearable buying suggestions
Complete all sales floor and window morning routines daily before the store is open
Ensure quantity and maintain the condition of all incoming visual props and marketing material with a sustainability mindset.
Keep the visual room organized and safe.
Keep all Visual materials in the store current and share information with the team on seasonal changes.
Paint & maintain the windows as necessary.
The Visual Keyholder will support the Store team to enhance the customer and working experience in-store through coaching and Development. Together with the Store Management team, the Visual Keyholder will ensure that all legal requirements and H&M policies are fulfilled.
Training and Development
Evaluate & develop the visual and commercial skills of the store team through regular visual training for all colleagues to support garment presentation in line with the Commercial Handbook
Maintain overview, follow up, and give feedback while executing floor moves together with the store team.
Seek Visual Merchandiser potential for succession
Communication and Legal Requirements
Ensure that all communication in the windows and sales floor complies with local legislation
Back of House Routines
Perform all store routines, including the opening and closing of the store, by following all Company practices and procedures
Work with timekeeping and scheduling system including approving timesheets
May be assigned overall store responsibility in absence of Store Manager or Department manager when opening and closing store
Promote employee and customer safety
Resolve health & safety, legal, and security issues
Address any loss prevention and safety issues that may occur while on duty and bring any escalated employee issues to the management team

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