3d Printing

Company: C3D- 3D printing services
Job type: Full-time

3d printing

To supply you with professional and market-ready items, we at C3D use the most advanced 3D Printing technology and materials. You'll get your prototypes back sooner than you would with traditional production because of the quick turnaround. Quality that you can count on You can print your items with precision every time if you use a precise and repeatable printing procedure.

Why 3D printing?

1. Save time- You can cut your production time in half, from weeks to days. And this has several advantages: the faster you manufacture your product, the faster it reaches your clients, and the lower your manufacturing expenses are.

2. Manufacture complex design-Reach a level of freedom in your project that you've never experienced before. If you need to print complicated designs that are impossible to construct using standard manufacturing methods, 3D printing is the way to go. Printing your product in one piece does, in fact, open up new options.

3. Optimize your supply chain-3D printing production can also be used to rethink your storage structure and establish a digital inventory. Start producing parts on-demand; this way, you won't have to store them and can just print them as needed. You can simply get one or several items at the same time using additive manufacturing since you can precisely pick the size of your batch.

4. Mass customization- Customizing things can be complex, time-consuming, and costly... But it's a lot easier with 3D printing! In some industries, developing customized products is critical. That is why, for example, we have seen a clear development of medical 3D printing in recent years. But it's also true in the world of fashion. Making products that are tailored to the needs of patients or customers is a significant benefit.



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