Online Ecommerce Shop in Pretoria, South Africa

Job type: Contract
Industry: Electronics was officially launched in June 2019, following the successful acquisition of an existing ecommerce business called Okey by the India-based IT Company, PiyaGroup of Company in October 2010. Today, is the small ecommerce retailer in South Africa and one of the trustworthy online shop in the South Africa.

Online Ecommerce Shop in Pretoria, South Africa

The business was initiated with a simple vision in mind: To be the simple and more consumer centric online shop in South Africa. We are rapidly trying to focus on opening and expanding our warehouses in Pretoria and other major towns, while expanding department selection to over 21 departments across Electronics, Lifestyle, Media & Gaming and Fashion.

For, 2019 was a truly pivotal year because of small investment from PiyaGroup of Company. is South Africa’s small startup, most innovative local ecommerce retailer, with over 5 employees. At the core of everything we do is our customer. We are passionate about providing great customer experiences, beginning with the moment you land on our web application, until the product you order is delivered safely into your hands.

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24 Hertzog Street,
Pretoria - 0082
Ph: 0642463678

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