Bank Relationship Manager

Company: Стерлинг
Job type: Part-time
Industry: Legal
Area/Neighbourhood: House 13, Akademika Koroleva Str. , Build. 1, Moscow, Russia

Good afternoon, we want to offer Work:
Sterling International Law Firm requires a Russian-speaking employee in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus.
Work mechanics:
Opening of settlement accounts for our clients of legal entities non-residents in local banks (priority - Fortress Bank).
We undertake all expenses, such as: notarial translations, fees, courier services, and so on.
Payment by piece, for each open account, not less than 100 euros, it is planned to open from 5-10 accounts per month.
The first month will pay 200 euros for each open account, as there will be more administrative work in the first month.
In other words, we are looking for an intermediary employee between us and local banks so that the process of opening corporate accounts is automated.
Employee Requirement:
1) sociability, ability to conduct a dialogue;
2) mobility, since you have to go to different banks;
3) prompt solution of urgent tasks;
4) always be in touch.

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