Home Based Opportunity Ideal For Health Professionals

Company: Lifestyle Happy Place
Job type: Other
Industry: Healthcare
Area/Neighbourhood: Hawkes Bay

⚕️ After 20 years in the healthcare sector I realized that helping people is my Passion and if your in the same boat I'd like to say hi.

💚 Hi I'm Anthea,

⚕️  Some of us have settled into a job that we absolutely loved but over the years things have changed. Moving towns, having children, job satisfaction level has a way of letting you know its time to reassess.

⚕️  I recently flipped my life over from working for a boss to working for myself and it was the MOST fulfilling career move I've ever made.

⚕️ For those craving a new way, I created flexibility and fulfilment in my new business career. Its an opportunity that also caters to my passion of helping people, all on my own terms.

⚕️ You can start part time and build the business up whilst your working or start full time and we can get you up and running within days.  No experience is necessary, but you will need to have a set of lifetime goals you want to achieve handy.

⚕️  If you are a driven, self-motivated, workaholic person (like myself) who has worked for someone else for far too long and you want to live life on your terms helping people then follow the directions below:


FREE INFO - visit my website www.lifeshp.com/healthjust   OR
CALL: +64 211 548 608 to schedule an interview

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