Wok Chef to work at Zen to Go Sushi & More

Job type: Full-time
Industry: Catering & Hospitality
Area/Neighbourhood: Qormi


We are currently looking for an experience Wok Chef to work in one of our outlets, namely Zen to Go Sushi & More.


• Cooking with the Wok, Mise en Place, menu production.
• Prepares, seasons, and cooks/stir fry's in woks all soups, meats, vegetables, fish, poultry, and other food items for consumption.
• Cooks, prepares, and arranges the food to make an appealing arrangement for guests.
• Ensures that guests have a favorable dining experience.
• Duties include cooking specialty foods, under constant pressure to prepare meals quickly while ensuring quality is maintained and safety and sanitation guidelines are observed.

• Wash, cut, measure, prepare foods for cooking.
• Maintain production and usage records as required.
• Maintain high sanitary, hygienic, and safety standards and conditions.
• Direct work assignments of support staff in cooks' area.
• Demonstrate excellent customer service at all times while working in a fast-paced team environment.
• General cleaning, stocking and other food service duties as requested by the management.

• Minimum 3 years experience in Wok (induction) cooking Asian Wok dishes.
• Knowledge of Pan Asian Cuisine : Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai.
• Knowledge of Dim sum is a plus but not necessary.
• At least English A2 level spoken and written.
• Experience in fast paced environment, busy restaurants, casual dining, catering /take away restaurants.
• Genuine passion for Asian cuisine.
• Manages control and use of induction woks and other common Asian cooking implements.
• Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in professional knife-handling skills with ability to cut/trim meat and fish.
• Experience in following and extending recipes.
• Experience at organising and maintaining kitchen work stations.
• Experience in maintaining production and usage records.
• Experience in safe food handling.
• Proven experience in Asian countries for not less than 3 years as per previous Certificates of Employment is a MUST.
• Applications: You must hold a valid European Passport , permanent residence in EU country or married to EU citizen to apply!

Please send your CV + photo material from your work, at least two references from previous employers covering a period of time of not less than 3 years.

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