Food Packer

Company: Food Pro Malta Limited
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Retail & Wholesale

Ø  Able to sustain a working environment of 10 - 12 degrees Celsius at all working times

Ø  Occasionally need to work in a -18 degrees Celsius

Ø  Stack and Store finished products

Ø  Pack, weigh and label finished products

Ø  Constant use of packaging machines

Ø  Clean containers, materials and supplies

Ø  Cleaning of electrical and non-electrical equipment after production is completed

Ø  Cleaning of floors, crates and dry stores

Ø  General duties of production

Ø  Continuous lifting of heavy crates

Ø  Ensures that maximum level of quality is maintained

Ø  Ensures that the work being produced is in line with SOP’s and Spec Sheets

Ø  Informs immediate superior when an irregularity is detected

Ø  Ensures health and safety procedures are adhered to by maintaining cleanliness

Ø  Adhering to HACCP procedures

Ø  Ensures all cleaning and sanitizing procedures are performed to the required HACCP standards

Ø  Strictly observance to company confidentiality and professionalism

Attends training programs as instructed by the company, during or outside office hours

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