Line Aircraft Maintenance Controller

Company: Jefferson Wells
Job type: Full-time

Line Maintenance Controller It is not uncommon for an aircraft in operation to encounter technical problems. It is important to be able to provide the right answers, to see if the plane can still fly and if it is impossible to do everything to fix it by finding the right solutions in short times. This is the role of the Line Maintenance Controller.   To supervise the daily (line/light) maintenance operations and pro-actively takes the necessary actions with relevant parties to secure all (Short Haul, Long Haul) fleets, and follow-up with MCC’s of 3rd Parties/Other carriers to ensure their fleets, all operate according to the required flight schedules in the Networks. To align all parties to jointly achieve making the aircraft available in the required configuration (9P, 10P, etc) at the dispatch reliability targets and balanced efficiency with the compliance to safety/airworthiness requirements, at optimal cost level. During the duty shift the Line Maintenance Controller takes the l...

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