Ems Fitness Trainer

Job type: Contract

EMS Fitness Trainer:

Areas of responsibility / Duties and responsibilities

You will be employed as a EMS Trainer.

Your key responsibilities are:

- training of clients on the EMS device

- being proactive and contact potential clients (acquisition) - making and taking of appointments for sessions

- performance of free trial sessions

- subsequent pitch to sell packages and memberships

- creating an integral training experience, consulting and support for the clients

-full time in Bahrain 

You will work in Fitness Gyms in Bahrain where we offer our EMS Personal Training service.

If there should occur any disagreements between you, your colleagues, clients or with the management, you commit yourself to solution-oriented dealings and polite and reasonable behavior.

As we work with appointments punctuality is obligatory. On occasions you may be required to work or relocate in other Gyms if the firm considers it necessary.

You are responsible to the management and bound by the instructions of the Managers of the firm.

You are committed to an open, honest and respectful interaction with the clients and managers. A high transparency and communication level is one of your essential duties.

To apply, please send your CV to [...] with the email tittle "Trainer Application"  or apply via link here: https://fitintimebahrain.com/careers

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