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Job type: Full-time
Salary: BHD 1,000 / Month
Area/Neighbourhood: Canada


Welcome to the British Council consultant Canada .


 I am called Dr Clear Jane and i work at the British Council in my country Canada. i work in hand with my Husband, who works at the Canadian Embassy, I hold the position of chief Examiner and supervisor at my center here in Canada. i will like to encourage you on a working Visa processing to Canada which will take about 4 weeks for the processing all taken care of by my Husband if you are interested, i can get you hooked up with one of the companies, But you will need to show prove of your English Preference. 

British Council is the UK's leading cultural relations organization that has 

delivered excellent work for more than 80 years in over 110 countries. 

Our work in Canada is spread across through a wide array of partnerships within Arts, 

Education & Society and English & Exams. 

We connect organizations and individuals from Canada, 

United Kingdom and from other countries in order to share creative ideas to 

achieve social innovation that helps build stronger communities. 

We have an office in Toronto and Montreal, 

and have been working through partnerships in Canada for more than 55 years. 

We strive to engage diverse audiences through our programming with an objective to 

create equal opportunities and social inclusion in everything we do. 

     Please contact me on how the process goes if you are interested, hopping to get back from you, and have a nice day. 

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